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About us: our company and art in our life

About Us

For a creative person art is life. During creating artworks author puts the whole soul and heart into work thus making everyday world brighter, colorful and beautiful, that brings joy and pleasure to others.

One can say that life itself is the art and will be quite right. To live means to create and to be active. In the modern world art actively coexists with individuality even in the simple everyday life, even when a person does not accept certain moments of its own surroundings as art. In fact routine stimulates people to be active, sociable, dexterous and flexible, able to use moments, to create and conquer circumstances, and after all to have creative approach while solving a problem in order not to get lost in the routines of the contemporaneity and to live at last.

Therefore, art takes a special place in our life. Art makes life interesting and the world more beautiful.

So it is no coincidence that our art studio is called Art in Life. The purpose of this page is to demonstrate the best artworks that our creative authors create, to share our own ideas and inspiration for contributing to your daily life with positive emotions, novelty, beauty, sophistication and the main thing - uniqueness.